Critical View®

Critical View® provides Video & Audio technology which all have 4G technology in-built. At Critical View® we provide Body Camera, CCTV Vehicle Light Bars & Fly Tipping & General Enforcement Cameras.  

Our body cameras are packed with Features. It is far different from a traditional Body Camera, this Body Camera has in-built 4G at no extra cost. This camera gives clients a Critical View® live from a control room, office or home! All features we describe below are at no extra cost, we have provided example video footage below and a product video! Who is Critical View® for: Parking Enforcement, Security, Private Investigations, Social Care Industries, Event Management, Detention Officials & lots more!

Our unique 8 Camera Lightbar (CVLB01) literally gives a Critical View® on every angle surrounding the vehicle it is mounted too. Along with 4G technology controls rooms can watch live events unfolding, a type of view never experienced in the past, this includes operation of the PTZ Camera it also has. CVLB01 is the best & most advanced Lightbar available in the world.

Our Fly Tipping/General Enforcement equipment named Rapi-Deploy® enables Local Authorities to deploy & mount a PTZ or Fixed CCTV camera within 4 Minutes with only 3 screws to tighten. All equipment has Solar & 4G Technology giving complete control remotely of the footage, alerts & allows the operation of the PTZ. With Rapi-Deploy® we bring Rapi-Flex which allows organisations to hire the equipment for short periods. It is that flexible that if an organisation needs the equipment longer and the hire cost become higher than the actual equipment purchase price, the organisation gets to keep it forever and the hire/rental stops. We also have camouflage 4G equipment with outstanding night vision & 4K/1080p Resolution which alerts you when incidents are detected along with Snapshots of the incident allowing you to review if employee attendance is required, after all the batteries within the device can last up to 12 Months! We provide outstanding technology at a price competitors cannot beat. Please get in contact for further information on Critical View® products.