Critical View® will soon become a UK leader in Local Authority Fly Tipping Evidence Gathering. With the latest technology & rapid deployment features giving our clients a Critical View when and where it matters. Our technology will use LTE technology allowing remote control & reviewing of any evidence gathered. We will provide the latest technology at unbeatable prices which gives all Local Authorities the essential technology to deal with any fly tipping challenges.

Critical View® CVLB01- The worlds most advanced lighting bar only available at Radio Commz UK, We bring it to the UK Market! Custom Light Colours available, Light Bar comes with 4G, 1 PTZ & 7 Fixed Camera, 3 on each side. Includes Torch Alley Lights, Front & Rear Torches & an LED Board for important messages! Users can operate the Camera from inside the vehicle or park the vehicle & operate from your Control Room or app. GPS Tracking is included. The Control Room will be able to monitor any events you attend. Custom LED Colour Filters, for security companies we recommend Orange & White. View our product in action by pressing on the light bar below! Contact us for further details.....

January 2021: Radio Commz UK Limited now provides clients the option to choose the best Mission Critical Push to Talk software available in the world. See our Mission Critical Software tab, after all you need a "Groundbreaking" PTT software to match your "Groundbreaking" devices from us!

December 2020: Introducing Critical Commz® Take a look at our store and view the 2 best PTT Smart Phones available on the market!