What we Do

Radio Commz UK Limited was founded Mid 2019. Rather than opening a traditional Two Way Radio company we decided to concentrate and specialise
in PoC (Push to Talk over Cellular). The future of IoT (Internet of Things) is ground breaking and is now part of everyone’s life in one way or another. The global data market is becoming bigger and bigger, not only is it becoming bigger it is becoming cheaper for consumers. The coverage the PTT systems we provide our clients is unbeatable financially & practically. There is no Analogue or Digital system which requires repeaters can give thousands of miles of range. When we say Digital we do not mean Digitally Encrypted, we believe a system is not digital if it still runs on VHF/UHF, you can add some digital features if you like but in reality it is still an analogue system. Why should a client have to purchase their own repeater as well as an Ofcom Licence Fee, why not use the current 2G/3G/4G/5G infrastructure we currently have and contribute an extremely small amount from using a SIM Card. So far we have saved our clients well over £100,000 in Ofcom savings, repeater costs & maintenance costs. The days of installing Antennas on Roofs and so on are over. Don’t forget the new Emergency Services Two Way Radio system named Emergency Services Network (ESN) runs on the 4G Infrastructure. This proves the ultimate capability of such a system. The Home Office/Government would not approve such a system which would not perform, they already made this mistake once with “Airwave”! Around 2023 ESN will become live, every Emergency Service in the UK will have all Brand New equipment, the performance difference between Airwave & ESN is massive in every way, even the cost saving is Millions of Pounds!
Since 2019 we now have our own SIM Card named SIM Critical® which can give our clients Europe Coverage or World coverage at fantastic rates with a promise of no shock bills or invoices, here in the UK we have negotiated with all of the networks to ensure SIM Critical® users obtain priority access to the masts even on occasions when masts are extremely congested, For example: Festivals, New Year’s Eve and so on. Please visit our SIM Critical® page for more information on how SIM Critical® can streamline your business. Because we are a truly digital Two Way Radio company we now have Critical View® which is our brand new Body Camera! This is not just your usual Body Camera, it is the most advanced in the world. Please visit our Critical View® page for more information.

Statement from the Managing Director (Steven Moore):

It is clear in the industry only around 1% of the population know what a PoC device is. It is also clear that clients still believe a Two Way Radio gives a short distance of coverage. I know we have a challenge implementing the product into the market as a well-known product. However it is a challenge I am here to see through. My aim is to move clients over from traditional VHF/UHF systems to a PoC system. We can give massive savings to clients in return, the client is then future proofed for years to come. IoT (Internet of Things) is not going away. I will work with you all to ensure you have a system you will love. I will personally continue to ensure the devices we sell are fantastic quality and ensure the products sold hold the same or better quality ratings as Motorola, Sepura, Hytera etc. I am certain when our clients invest in our system we will not be advising them that they require an upgrade within a short space of time, it seems over the years clients have invested and invested yet still cannot even get 10 mile coverage. Let’s start the journey of the future together!

Statement from European Sales Director (Bradley Ford):

The future of Radio Commz is to provide high quality two way radios and body cameras at affordable prices. The old days of having equipment that doesn’t give full coverage and paying high prices needs to end. I want companies to see that they can have a system that actually works for what you need and is affordable. My role is to reach out mainly around Europe spreading awareness such a system exists. I will continue to work with Steven to provide cost effective, feature packed quality products. I hope to build a relationship of some form in the future with you.